Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Power of Heating Pads

Last weekend I did something awful to my back, or rather it did something awful to me.  I was standing in the bath tub giving Bella (my dog) a bath.  I was leaning over to get her paws scrubbed and BAM!

My back seized and I hit the floor.  The pain literally dropped me to my knees.  I had never experienced pain that was debilitating like that before in my life.  Thank goodness my Husband was standing right there and he was able to help me to stand and get out of the bath tub  I quickly noticed it was a pulsing ache and I couldn't lean forward or sit without being in even more pain.

This happened on Sunday night and I really didn't want to miss work the next day.  My dear Husband rushed to the nearest Wal-Mart in search of heating pad so I could find some relief.  He wasn't able to find an electric one, but came back with single use heating pad and ice cream. Bless that man.  I quickly put on the heating pad and got as comfortable as I could and hoped to sleep it off.

The next morning the pain wasn't as agonizing but halfway through the day I realized that sitting at my desk was not much fun.  So, my Husband came to my rescue again.  Bringing me an electric CVS brand heating pad.  I've been using it every day while at work this week and I have been so grateful for it.  It offers some serious relief.

I also found that it came in especially handy when the back pain was made worse by that time of the month and the horrid cramps I seem to get.  Since I was young I've always, always suffered from horrible period cramps and just toughed through it thinking it was all part of being a girl.

The moral of this story; Heating Pads are seriously a girls best friend.

Here's something very similar to the one I purchased.
Sunbeam 722-810 King Size Heating Pad with UltraHeatTechnology

And here are some DIY in a pinch ways to alleviate back pains and period cramps.
  •   Light stretching will improve pain in your back and period cramps
  •  A warm bath, depending on your tub and back pain you may need assistance getting in and out
  • If you're having lower back pain try elevating part of your legs or bum with pillows till our comfortable
  • A massage can help both back pain and period cramps
  • Build core muscles to prevent future back injuries

Hope this helped!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Decorating On A Budget

Decorating has always been something I enjoyed.  I remember moving into my first apartment and spending the entire first weekend I lived there decorating.  I also remember re-decorating it just a few months later.

Over the years of living in new apartments and houses I've realized that as much as I enjoy decorating I also get bored quickly with the decor. In order to be able to change the look of a room or an entire home frequently I've had to learn how to decorate on a budget and still get the change in a room I'm desiring.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to decorate on a budget.

Tip #1: Use Pops of Color in Moderation

Keep your rooms fairly neutral when it comes to walls and furniture.  You can add pattern, print and COLOR with less expensive and easy to change decor items.  For example; in my bedroom my furniture and fixtures like shelving and lamp bases are all black.  My bedding and 2 of my curtain panels are all neutrals; tan, white, gray.  I put color into the room that's easily changeable and inexpensive. I find throw pillows, decorative blankets and colorful curtain panels on clearance when I'm looking for a change.  This allows me to change the entire look of my bedroom by just swapping out a few pieces rather than having to splurge on new furniture or an entire bed set.

Tip #2: Seek Out Thrift Store Finds

It's incredibly easy and inexpensive to rehab furniture and larger decor items found at a second hand store.  Putting a fresh coat of paint on a thrift store coffee table will only cost a few bucks. (Savvy Savers Tip: If your project to be painted isn't too large purchase the sample size of paint for only a few dollars!) You can also add your own flare to plain looking decor items found second hand.  Great finds are anything wood, metal or glass in great condition.  All of these can be painted or decorated easily to match your envisioned color pallet or theme.

Tip #3: Shop Out of Season

If you're like me you probably enjoy decorating for EVERY Holiday.  My biggest tip when it comes to Holiday decorating; shop ahead, way ahead!  Purchase you're Holiday themed items from the clearance racks after the events passed and you'll get savings of up to 90%. Store them away in labeled boxes for the next year.

Tip #4:  Recycle & Upcycle

Use things that would normally be "trash" or "junk" to decorate your home.  Crafty minds around the world are turning old palettes, broken doors and even used tires into some of the most amazing functional pieces of furniture and decor.  Click HERE for a short list of awesome up cycling projects to get you started.

Tip #5: DIY it! 

Now, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't recommend that you create your own decor with DIY projects.  Try adding color, print and/or pattern to a room with my plastic storage tower makeover or for an easy way to fill space on a wall spend some time making a yarn wrapped wreath while you catch up on your favorite shows.  I'm currently addicted to Once Upon A Time and Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

So no matter what your budget, with a little creativity and smart planning you can take your room or entire house from something that's just plain shabby to shabby chic.  Comment below with your tips on how to save money when decorating!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Game of Life

Why I stopped Blogging

I stopped posting to this blog in October and have missed it for a while now.  I am by no means a well known blogger, and when I started this blog I wasn't seeking to become well known.  I have always loved writing and kept dozens of journals growing up.  Blogging, for me, is a grown up girls diary.  I love that I can look back at post from previous years and remember what I liked at that time in my life and what I found most exciting or interesting. 

I get a few thousand views a month and I am so stoked about that, even now that I have taken a several month long sabbatical.   This thrills me to know that someone out there is interested in my thoughts and ideas.  I hope you've found this place helpful, inspiring, funny or interesting.  If you did, mission accomplished. 

When I think back to where my life was at in October, I cringe.  Honestly I was in a major funk.  I felt like a kid, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I took on way more projects than I could handle.  I got seriously overwhelmed and just, dropped them all, including the blog I had worked so hard to develop.

In the Fall of 2013, myself and my Husband started making some decisions together to get us on a path to the couple we wanted to be.   We first decided that I would go back to a normal full time job and we would close our company.  The company we ran didn't make either of us happy and we knew our hearts weren't in it.  We knew we had to let it go because it would never become a career for either of us. My Husband had a full time job at this point that he'd been greatly enjoying for over a year so we we're fortunate enough that he could support us while I decided what my next step would be. I applied to a wide variety of jobs that I thought I might enjoy but ultimately kept coming back to the Real Estate & Property Management Industry.  I had been a property manager for several years before my Husband and I got married and thought I would never go back there BUT in December I took a position with an amazing Real Estate and Property Management Company and I couldn't be happier.  It's an industry that even on days where I want to run for the hills or close my office door and have a pity party because someone just screamed at me from the other end of the phone line, I truly am passionate about my job and what I do. It also helps that I have wonderful bosses who truly care about me and their company.  (I'm even considering starting a series of posts related to real estate/property management that would benefit both the Tenant and the Landlords out there. Be sure to comment below if you'd like to see them.)

We also decided that we were going to make some health changes.  I've always been a yo-yo dieter and have gone from skinny to average to chubby and back again for years now, but since we got married, I'll be frank, I let myself go. And my Husband who is still as handsome as ever, realized for the first time in his life he didn't have a flat stomach.  So, we stopped eating crap and joined a gym.  We haven't had any earth shattering results yet but we both feel ten times better just by taking better care of our bodies.  Our biggest victory so far is almost completely giving up alcohol.  At first it was hard, we were used to going to our favorite bar 3 to sometimes even 5 nights a week.  We've definitely had to find other ways to unwind after long days in the office. 

Another decision we've made and an adventure we've embarked on is getting our finances rock solid and our debt diminished.  We've both carried some debt since before we even met, okay so it was mostly me and my ridiculous student loans, but we've recently realized that together we've created a mountain.  I'm not quite ready to give details but we are both very excited about the financial changes we're making and the goals we've set for ourselves. 

So to sum it all up...

My plan is to get back to regular updates because I've come to learn that I need me time and blogging is something I truly enjoy.  It encompasses so many of my passions; writing, graphic designs, photography, crafting, meeting amazing people that I normally wouldn't and so much more.  So, I hope you'll stick around and hopefully we can encourage and inspire each other. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Top Fall Scents

Fall is my favorite season for candles and other forms of amazing scents like wax melts and potpourri. I love all of the rich scents that make you feel warm and cozy. Here are my top fall scents for 2013. Some of these are tried and true others are new and absolutely delicious.

Pumpkin Spice from Mainstays Candles
This is my all time favorite pumpkin scented candle.  It's not too sweet or too spicy and can fill your entire room with a delicious scent really quickly.  Added bonus it's insanely affordable!

Where To Buy It:  Wal-mart or Amazon

Mahogany Teakwood from White Barn Home Candles

Mahogany Teakwood is described as "A cozy blend of mahogany, cedarwood and oak, highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes" on the Bath and Body Works website, but ask any teenager and they will tell you it smells just like an Abercrombie store. I personally really enjoy this scent, however my Husband hates it.  I think women actually enjoy it more because it smells similar to a Men's cologne.

Where To Buy It: Bath and Body Works or Amazon

 Mulled Cider by Mainstays Candles

Mulled Cider by Mainstays is the perfect dupe for the Bath and Body Works candle Cider Lane which I believe is discontinued.  The Mainstays candle gives off the same strength delicious scent for lest than half the price!

Where To Buy: Wal-Mart

Warm Crackling Campfire Wax Cubes by Better Homes & Gardens

The Better Homes & Gardens wax cubes are my favorite! They work well with any type of was warmers and give off very strong scents from only one or two cubes.  This particular scent is one of my favorite and pairs well with a lot of other candles and scents.  Careful though, it definitely makes you want to waste your day under the blankets reading a good book.

Where To Buy: Wal-Mart or Amazon

Rustic Retreat Aroma Beads by Mainstays

This particular scent is great for your living room because it's so inviting.   I like to purchase this scent in either candle form, or these great aroma beads.   It smells great on it's own or paired with any of the scents I've already mentioned.  I am almost positive this is a new fall scent for 2013 and I am beyond glad this came into my life.

Where To Buy:  Wal-Mart

There you have it, the five scents you absolutely need to add to your fall collection.  While you're thinking about fall, head on over to and check out all of the great fall fashion and beauty trends being talked about.   You may have noticed I've been MIA since... July!?! That's because I've been working hard at getting my home in order along with writing articles for this amazing new women's platform, Bleuvous which means Blue You in French. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Beautiful Proposal

I have been a busy bee over the past two days. But, I think I am ready to announce the launch of my newest blog, where Brides to Be can go for EVERYTHING Wedding!

I made the decision to turn my Wedding Wednesday posts into an entire platform. I really love these posts and you guys seem to love them too, because they are by far some of the most viewed. All of the previous Wedding related posts have been redirected to the website. Be sure to jump over to a beautiful proposal and subscribe either with Bloglovin or RSS Feed. You won't want to miss some of the amazing things that are going to be available.

You'll soon find a ton of freebies and downloads! I am working to create a one stop shop for everything you'll need while planning your wedding. From budgets to DIY tutorials and SO MUCH MORE!

I hope all of you Brides to Be are just as excited as I am.

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